Bugs vs. Drugs

The fight is on and the bugs are coming on strong. They are mounting resistance to even our strongest weapons. We need to work together to hold them off! Obviously, this means we’ll need a nurse.

Being At The Bedside

Those we serve need the best from us and challenges are mounting. The bedside is not always an easy place to be. With just two hands and twelve hours, how can we be our best selves here?

Make it Better! with Lily Yang

Our patients come to us with one request: Make it better! And that’s what we try to do. But our system is struggling, clinicians are struggling within it and patients are suffering the harms. So how can we make the system better? For all of us? Lily Yang offers some suggestions.

Episode 4 with Jaclyn Ricci – Acute Pain

Pain is interwoven throughout health care and to manage it well requires a high level of skill, expertise and continuous learning. Especially as we grapple with the meaning of opioid safety. Jaclyn Ricci, nurse practitioner and pain specialist offers valuable insight and language to help us better care for our patients in pain.

episode 3 At The Bedside feature image

Episode 3 with Kathryn Kozell – WOC the talk

Looking back across four decades Kathryn shares critical moments that shaped her career and the modern growth of her specialty. Kathryn sees opportunity where others cannot. Hers is a beautiful example of innovation and leadership oriented, always, to meeting the needs of patients and families.