Episode 3 with Kathryn Kozell – WOC the talk

Wound care class, nurse trainees, 1940s America

Looking back across four decades Kathryn shares critical moments that shaped her career and the modern growth of her specialty. From health visitor to RN to Nurse Specialist in Wound Ostomy and Continence, the knowledge and training necessary to care for skin has expanded over time. Kathryn shares how the evolution of her own practice tracks this expansion. Her story illustrates how health care evolves: roles and scopes shift based on new knowledge and emerging needs.

Kathryn is a skilled nurse clinician, educator and the best clinical leader I have had the opportunity to see in action. Retirement has not dampened her passion for nursing and the value of high quality care to the lives of patients and families. Kathryn shares clinical pearls and language to support patients to live well with ostomy. She highlights the importance of the emotional and psychological components and how she learned to create the space for patients and families to share their honest reactions. She reflects on her experience as a leader, the benefits of taking risks and the passion, vision and openness necessary to inspire others to follow. Kathryn sees opportunity where others cannot. Hers is a beautiful example of innovation and leadership oriented, always, to meeting the needs of patients and families.

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At The Bedside
At The Bedside
Episode 3 with Kathryn Kozell - WOC the talk