About this podcast

Let’s talk about patient care. Together we can improve practice, benefit patients and make it interesting.

Tune in for conversations that:

  • Consider the complex realities of delivering health care today
  • Include a diversity of perspectives and roles
  • Build on the knowledge, skill and judgement at the heart of nursing care
  • Foster the sharing of knowledge across traditional boundaries of discipline and hierarchy

I am Christianna Facey-Crowther, registered nurse and host of At The Bedside. I work in general surgery at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital. I grew up in the boreal forest around Thunder Bay and have a degree in ecology from the University of Toronto. An interest in people and a general dislike of desks drew me to complete a bachelors of science in nursing from Ryerson University. I like thinking about, reading about, talking about and providing patient care. I have two young children who teach me the power of asking “Why?” in unexpected places.


At the Bedside is made possible thanks to support from Sinai Health System and the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario Advanced Clinical Fellowship Program. Thank you to my mentors in the nursing world and the incredible staff of 14-North.

About the theme music

At the Bedside’s theme was lovingly crafted by James Hetmanek and Michael Grosman, and built from a rhythmic foundation constructed with hospital field recordings.

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