Nursing, Industry and Influence with Quinn Grundy

We know health-related industry influences health care through marketing. And nurses are the most trusted and numerous health professional. But marketing to nurses? Does that really happen?

Turns out it does. Far more than we might imagine. And marketing to nurses often goes unnoticed by regulators, administrators and by nurses themselves. What has health-related industry recognized in the work of nurses that we and the public don’t see? And what does this mean for our patients?

In this episode I speak with Quinn Grundy about her fascinating research and new book “Infiltrating Healthcare: How marketing works underground to influence nurses“. Quinn takes an honest look at relationships between industry and health care and asks how nursing is involved and how to protect the private spaces where care is delivered and decisions are made.

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From theBMJ – Pathways to Independence: Towards producing and using trustworthy evidence.

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Nursing, Industry and Influence with Quinn Grundy