Take Back The Tray with Joshna Maharaj

As nurses, we have an intimate view of the trays: the grim offerings of the hospital kitchens. And sometimes, I tell you, they are truly shocking. But when patients or families complain, we tend to wonder: What did they expect? Are they confused?

They are in a hospital, after all, not a hotel. And hospital food is bad. It is something we have come to accept.

But what if we’re the ones who are confused? What if the food our patients eat (or don’t eat) really matters a whole lot? What if we practiced what we preach? What if the food we serve in hospital nourished our patients and our communities?

What if hospital food was good? Is that even possible? 

Joshna Maharaj believes it is. And she has shown that not only is it possible, it’s essential.

Chef, teacher, activist and speaker, Joshna is the author of Take Back The Tray: Revolutionizing Food in Hospitals, Schools and Other Institutions. She shares a respect and enthusiasm for food and its place in our lives. We discuss her experience helping a hospital kitchen bring hospitality back to food service and of successes, challenges and lessons learned along the way. 

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Additional Resources:

Canadian Malnutrition Taskforce: https://nutritioncareincanada.ca/

At The Bedside
At The Bedside
Take Back The Tray with Joshna Maharaj