Make it Better! with Lily Yang

Our patients come to us with one request: Make it better! And we try, we work really hard to help them get better because that is why we do this work. That is what drives the training, the effort, the personal investment in the care we provide. Now patients, families, funders, governments, institutions, and we ourselves are making the same request: Make health care better! Safer, more reliable, more equitable, more sustainable, more connected, more flexible. Kinder. For all of us.

But how do we actually go about doing this? With the resources we have and in the context of where and how we work? What can be expected of a clinician and what should be expected of an organization? How can we bring patients and families into the process of rethinking systems and making incremental improvements?

To explore these ideas and to share her experience and accumulated knowledge of improving health care is Lily Yang. Lily has been involved with quality improvement since the phrase was coined. She offers a realistic perspective on the structures and capacities necessary to support clinicians, teams and systems to adapt and meet the needs of the clinicians to provide great care when patients, families and communities need us.

At The Bedside
Make it Better! with Lily Yang